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We have expertise in troubleshooting to the root cause of failure for electro-mechanical medical devices.  We specialize in troubleshooting electronic circuits, device software and powered surgical equipment.

Root cause failure analysis includes:

  • Defining the performance problem

  • Collecting data to provide history and identify patterns

  • Analyzing the data to determine cause and effects, differences and changes, risks, time line, etc.

  • Testing possible causes against the evidence gathered

  • Identifying the root cause or causes of the problem.

  • See Equipment Repair Section

We provide a report of the investigation process and a recommendation for corrective action to eliminate or reduce the chance of future failures.  If a design change is needed and it is desired, we can implement a new design and validate its effectiveness.

Our product experience includes the following technologies:

  • Video Imaging and Surgical Cameras

  • Surgical Pumps

  • Arthroscopy Shavers

  • Surgical Cart Based Systems

  • Ultrasonic Surgical Consoles and  Handpieces

  • Autoclaveable Surgical Motorized Handpieces

  • Autoclaveable Custom Cable Assemblies

  • Custom Combination Optical/Electronic Cable Assemblies

  • Lab Equipment

  • Opthalmic Surgical and Diagnostic systems

  • Powered Surgical Equipment

  • Image Guided Surgical Systems

  • See Photo Gallery

We understand and implement a robust, proactive quality system throughout our own manufacturing process. See our quality section: