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We can can take your new product design and run it through our pilot production process.  We can help to eliminate bugs and develop processes, documentation and tooling needed for production.  A formal pilot production phase often leads to a leaner, more efficient manufacturing process, lower development and manufacturing costs, earlier introduction of a product and the delivery of a better product to the customer.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Production and Design Transfer

  • Manufacturing / Assembly

  • Manufacturing, Test and Quality Engineering

    • Process Control

    • Assembly Procedures

    • Test Procedures

    • Custom Test Equipment

  • Material Planning

  • Purchasing

  • Receiving Inspection

  • Assembly

  • Test

  • Final Inspection

  • Warehousing and Shipping

    • Lot Control

  • Repairs

  • Customer Service

  • See Equipment Repair Section

Our design and manufacturing experience includes the following technologies:

  • Video Imaging and Surgical Cameras

  • Surgical Pumps

  • Arthroscopy Shavers

  • Surgical Cart Based Systems

  • Ultrasonic Surgical Consoles and  Handpieces

  • Autoclaveable Surgical Motorized Handpieces

  • Autoclaveable Custom Cable Assemblies

  • Custom Combination Optical/Electronic Cable Assemblies

  • Lab Equipment

  • Opthalmic Surgical and Diagnostic systems

  • Powered Surgical Equipment

  • Image Guided Surgical Systems

  • See Photo Gallery


We understand and implement a robust, proactive quality system throughout our own manufacturing process.

Quality Credentials